Our Story


for the girls, the boys and anybody who hasn't decided yet, Area Eighteen is the only online eco-vintage fashion brand dedicated to smashing all boundaries and encouraging individuals to be absolutely 100% authentically you.

we do not owe you conformity

we do not give a fuck 

conformity and negative opinion has no place here

were ready to take over the world


Area Eighteen works as a platform for any body on mission to rebel against the constraints of modern day society and for any body passionate about social change. We provide bold as fuck, premium, hard to come by vintage clothing from the 1960s to the early 2000s with one clear message; wear absolutely what the fuck you want hun. If you love it, wear it.  

Having amassed almost 10000 followers on Depop, and are new breakouts on ASOS’s marketplace, Area Eighteen’s mission is to build HQ’s in large cities across the globe that are hubs for the rebellious, the creative, the expressive and the authentic. These HQ’s will be fun, vibrant communal location that include a neutral vintage shop, a dance studio, a community space and a roller skate cafe.

We are not just a new start up, we are a community of fun, beautiful expressive people striving for equality and for our voices to be heard. We welcome all star in the sky customers, both past present and future to Area Eighteen, and invite you all to enter through the looking glass

T x