The Non Conformity Christmas Party Outfit Guide

hello queers, non conformists and those who haven't decided yet. For those of you who dont live under a rock, both the C word and that Mariah classic must have graced your ears at least four or five times by now. And with both of those, comes the joys of Christmas outfit party planning.

I listened to a podcast the other day about commanding the room and playing by your own rules wherever you go because if you feel great and content in your choices, regardless of whether or not the situation is fitting or not or people agree to your way of thinking, people will always remember you and that will attract opportunities that you would never have even thought of. There’s something that I find insanely attractive about the energy somebody emits when they are just doing themselves in a situation.

It got me thinking about Christmas parties though. It’s the time of year where everyone puts in that little bit extra effort and pulls out the stops for all kinds events; ranging from work Christmas parties, formal balls, a casual works dinner or drinks right up to New Years Eve celebrations. Every single one of these occasions has slightly different rules on what is more acceptable and what is less so acceptable.

But Jamie Windust wrote an article a while ago about banning the separation between evening wear and day wear and just wearing what the fuck you want whenever you want to and obviously as somebody who hates rules this appealed to me in so many ways.

So fuck it. I’m not setting the scene on how incredible this outfit will look at this specific event and how you must not wear heels for the works Christmas pub meal. I’m not giving you outfit ideas for specific events because I don’t fucking care and neither should you. Take a deep breath and think, without all these rules, what would I actually wear to this wonderful Christmas event? Then your answer is there my lovely.

I will however give you some winter esque / Christmas inspiration on how you might just be able to dial up (or dial down) your look just a tad for whatever Christmas event you’re going to, whatever the location.

The world is a stage babe; it just depends how many people you want to perform to



Glitter products are not my personal favourite because bye bye turtles however, a glitter outfit? A sequin outfit? Right up my street dear. Wear sequins with your jeans for the work pub meal if that’s what your heart desires, go full ball gown vibes or just come through with a nice middle ground of a crazy print glitter shirt; to either event at the top or bottom of the scale


If you’ve been following me for a while now, you would 100% know that I am an ADVOCATE for accessories. It makes or breaks an outfit I can promise you that; it adds dimension and it adds personality. Pair whatever you’re wearing with a vintage belt or a vintage bag and I promise you people will just be all up in it. I like to mix it up, so personally I opt for a chunky buckle belt, a 80s / 90s staple brand is preferable paired with a femme bag. The juxtaposition is definitely where my identity sits.


hun its cold outside and I am NOT a fan of hypothermia for fashion purposes. Wrap up warm please, faux fur is a vibe, especially if you can find a crazy print / patchwork one (they’re hard to come by so protect them at all costs when you lay your eyes on them) and although I’m not a religious fan of trends, long line trench coats are in now and forever and they look so fucking cute.


Calling all students past, present and future !
You can not go wrong with a crazy print shirt. Boozy student party? Crazy print shirt. The trip to the shops for the pre drinks before your ‘formal’ Christmas night out? Crazy print shirt. Work pub meal? Crazy print shirt. ANYWHERE like actually anywhere is where you wear a crazy print shirt. Whack a statement belt on, a pair of vintage jeans, some boots and some neck jewellery and I am personally away.

Oversized Knits
I’ve saved the best until last. Its Christmas day, you’re stuffed beyond belief and you just want a movie marathon or some stupid family games. Whack that oversized knit on immediately! Actually, not immediately because you’ve just took your cute formal trousers or your pencil skirt off and swapped it for some lougewear. The knit sweater you’ve just worn for your Christmas dinner meal at the local restaurant is now your movie marathon outfit? We love an outfit with versatility.
The moral of the story is you don’t owe a single soul conformity, so you if you want to wear a ball gown to the Christmas pub meal then nobody can stop you dear.
kiss kiss love and light,
T x