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Hey chicks! 

Grab a brew, get on those reading glasses and connect to your spotify playlists; we present to you our first ever artist of the week.

He drips in creativity, is outspoken, authentic and is an avid member and activist of the LGBT community.  

Meet our artist of the week: Sam Bluer


Sam Bluer is an upcoming Australian musician, an advocate for pop and a true style icon if we do say so ourselves.

Signed to record label EMI records Australia, the same label as the likes of Katy Perry and Sam Smith, his latest records are clear indications that he is coming for blood now and forever.

A firm believer in having no back up and a flamboyant and out there person at heart, Sam is young, determined and head strong and his steady rise in popularity comes at the right time as Australia are on a huge pop wave at present.

Artists such as Troye Sivan,  E^st and George Maple are currently dominating his home country and whilst Bluer has received no chart ranking to date, his sound stands on its own and is more than deserving. Sam has a mission to rewrite the rules of pop and has worked with the likes of pop sensation Maribelle and has produced with the likes of Yakk  and Tigerella.

Inspired by Robyn, Tove Lo, Years and Years, MO and Dua Lipa, Sams sound is dark pop led, consisting of upbeat melodies and a rhythm that sits in your body well.

Love Me Right, a song he recently featured on with Oh Boy, has musical references to Charli XCX, somebody Bluer is obsessed with and rightly so.

Dancers and Choreographers would eat song Body High right up, with commercial choreography in a sharp, low and grounded nature perfect for stage.

When happy, Sam is obsessed with Lily Allen (wow an icon a legend) regardless of whether it’s a sad song or not. When Sad, sam is drawn to the emotional Bops of Tove Lo.

His favourite song is Frank Ocean’s cover of Strawberry Swings by coldplay and his first ever single purchased was Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Pieces of Me’. A cultured king!



Bluer is here to shift your perspective on pop music.

Aware of the dirty nature of the word in recent years, Sam is unapologetic and wants people to be aware of the new age world of pop he has experienced recently.

He always tries to write from an unpopular stand point and explains that the type of music he writes is one that is super uncomfortable to sit down and talk about; creating waves for niches and topics where songwriting is concerned.

He wants the public to be aware that pop music can be weird and it can be darker as we are increasingly seeing in mainstream music from the likes of Billie Eillish and Charli XCX.

Sam explains that relationships don’t have to look the way they do on TV and that uncomfortable topics make for great songs.

Sam is the type of artist the LGBT community are dying to hear on the radio and on TV. His music videos are artistic, low light and have all the LGBT relationship representation anyone could need.

The queer narrative in pop music is essential for queer youth and we hope and prey that 2019 comes through for artists like Sam. Speaking in a recent interview with Gay Times, sam explains that he is incredibly outspoken on LGBT topics. He is aware of his privilege as a white gay male and wants to use his growing platform to make people aware of that.

His recent video for Body High is a message to the LGBT community that there are places and people in the world that are and will be accepting of everybody.



We had a conversation with Sam on this one (he is super sweet).

We got chatting about his style and he explains that practicality and comfortability are essential when curating outfits.

He leans towards vintage inspired streetwear and an oversized aesthetic and has references to 90s UK rave culture with the application of a branded bumbag in every outfit on his feed.

He also gets inspiration from the 90s heroin chic era and early Y2K aesthetic; with his all black, dark shades, metal chains vibe.


Right now, excluding his oh boy feature love me right, sam has three complete bops. We’ve ranked them and gave you a brief description of what to expect.

3. Bite My Tongue

A song about a relationship going nowhere, biting my tongue explores a relationship that is no longer satisfying. However, for some reason you can’t seem to let go and instead just say nothing. Sam’s voice is as smooth, low and sexy as ever with some simple repetitive beats and a little experimentation makes this a little indie dark pop gem.

  1. Shift

Sam worked with australian artists and producers Maribelle, Yakk and Tigerella to produce Body High, a 90s infused, slightly weird dark pop bop. Shift explores the narrative of a fuckboy and their viewpoint of a relationship that they don’t want anything serious from. Its dark but the lyric video and hook are super fun and preppy.

1, Body High

Highly relatable subject, body high explores the idea of wanting to get back with an ex for one night only despite the damage it will cause in the long run. This song strengthens his dark pop sound whilst still keeping it up beat, accessible particularly to the LGBT, and radio friendly for the progressive radio stations of 2019. The record was Produced with Maddy Rowe and the music video was directed by Amber Mealing and consists of a dark, sexy and full of LGBT representation visual, hence why its ranked at number one.