How To Make 90s Sportswear Feminine - An Anti Toxic Masculinity Guide


Hi chicks! 

This week (and all weeks) we are anti toxic-masculinity and wanted to discuss its standing where fashion is concerned. 

Fashion is an identity playground and unfortunately, toxic masculinity has wormed its way in and damaged the way people have approached it.

Those more masculine are accustomed to fit in with masculine ideologies, restricting themselves to stereo-typically more masculine clothing and neglecting their wants to potentially wear something considered more feminine .

The  LGBTQ+ community is rife with toxic masculinity. 

The amount of times i have read ‘straight acting only’ or ‘no femmes’ in a Grindr bio is insane. What does straight acting even mean?

Toxic Masculinity shuns femininity on a regular basis, encouraging those who possess it to believe that they are inferior to their masculine counterparts.

Well not today boo

This post is all about getting in touch with your feminine side and making a statement with your femininity .

 Gone are the days of the link between femininity and inferiority, especially around here anyway.

Today we are giving you tips on how to be feminine and feel like the real OG and how to do so when wearing oversized vintage sportswear.


90s Sportswear x Femininity 

The oversized 90s sportswear trend has links to the 90s, with hip hop music dominating the market and artists such as Aliyah, TLC and Missy Elliot taking numerous number one chart spots worldwide


The oversized 90s sportswear look often lends itself to a more masculine audience for reasons unknown. I know as a raging homosexual myself, wearing sportswear just compromises my femininity a little too much for my liking  and i always feel like something is missing from my look. Sometimes I want to be casual and unleash my feminine side at the same time; all whilst flaunting my super rare polo sport quarter zip. Those wanting to unleash your inner fem, I imagine sometimes you too feel the same.


I have whacked together a few tips on how to mix your fave 90s sportswear all whilst adhering to those feminine qualities you love all so much about yourself.

The tips aren’t rocket science but they may not seem common sense either.

Remember, creativity and open mindedness is key.

Please note this article is purely taking stereotypical feminine qualities and applying them to all genders. We all have the right to access whatever we wish and feel confident and encouraged when doing so, regardless of society's general opinion.

1. On Wednesday We Wear Pink

Well actually on any day we wear pink

In western culture, pink is 100% considered a colour of femininity.

Cool then boo,

if that how you want it play, ill eat into it.

Sometimes on sites such as Depop I have (rarely, mind) stumbled upon one or two amazing branded sportswear sweaters in pink.

Champion classic logo sweaters are probably up there with my faves for this.
They are chunky but fem and i think this is the perfect combination for projection femininity in all the ways.

For those traditionally more feminine, go one step further and add all the feminine accessories. 

2. Jewellery is your best friend 

Again, jewellery is stereotypically considered more feminine than masculine.


The addition of some hooped earrings with some 90s sportswear (pink or not) is the perfect way to make a stand and say you are cool with your femininity, especially if you are stereotypically masculine. 

3. High Ho, Heel Hoe 

Mate two hundred years ago men were all up in high heels grill, so whats the issue now? The idea that a platform on a show is too feminine for those considered masculine is insane.

Those who are more inclined to embrace their femininity, such as the LGBTQ+ community, look flame in a heel especially when it comes to the art of drag. Now its time to apply this principle to everyday life regardless of who you are; masculine or feminine.

Grab a heel (no kitten heels preferably) an oversized sweater, some levis and a belt or some matching tracksuit bottoms and you're good to go.

This is definitely one of the greater steps to achieving full femininity especially where the addition of sportswear is concerned, so there are many levels to this step.
Step 1 - Go for a chunky platform 
The spice girls are back and the 90s are influencing every clothing store on this block. Fast fashion stores are creating replica's of platform shoes however nobody will every say no to some authentic Buffalo's or Swear London shoes. These come in all shapes and sizes back in their day, some having up to a 12 inch creeper platform. 
All the vintage sites will stock these so definitely an entry level step to embracing full femininity 

Step 2 - Layer around your heel / platform of choice 

I have chatted to all the student stylists about this and they have given me some amazing advice.

The key to embracing full femininity, should you want to, is to work your way up the ladder.

If you want to wear your heels but the confidence is not 100% there just yet (that's cool no stress) then think about layering. Layering is key to taking away to main focus from something that is considered out of the box or too far right that it causes comments.

Its also therefore easier on the eye to those not so open minded.

In an ideal world we would not care about judgement, but sometimes this is a step by step process that takes resilience.

Embacing your true authentic individuality takes work. If this sounds like you, then step two is for you.

Step 3 - Go all the way out

Get your thrifting boots on, grab that 6 inch heel and go for it

Those with big fat feet (lol), you may have trouble browsing for a size larger than an 8, however places like Amazon stock some right old boots at great prices. 

4. Think Opposites 

This tip isn't necessarily exclusively for femininity, but thinking opposites is the key to a stand alone outfit where fashion is concerned.

The jeans that match the top, the jacket that fits the shirt are all perfect examples of good outfits.

However, creating outfits based on differences, particulars complimenting peculiarities and really tapping into the juxtaposition of these are the key ingredients to something that stands out.

Where femininty is concerned, think opposite colours attract, play with size, space and dimension (70s flares meets 90s y2k tight spaghetti top) and consider how adding texture considered more feminine would work with bringing your look together.

This brings me to my final point

5. Think Textures

When considering 90s sportswear, I always go above and beyond to consider colours and textures that stereotypically lean themselves to a more feminine audience.

I have stumbled upon many a gem, including a stunning The North Face yellow green cross fleece sweater.

Its not something I would immediately associate with TNF so was immediately drawn to it.

Materials such as Fleece, Velour, Satin, Mesh and Organza are all considered more feminine and therefore perfect to up your feminine aesthetic.